Maria Ruggiano-Alekseev


My work consists of abstract visuals of my “sickly” internal forms and systems, motivated by my personal experience with an ongoing digestive illness.

The concept is based on thoughts of seeing through my skin while my body is confronted by an illness, viewing the manipulation and the decay taking place to my organs and systems, or a picture of what my mind created from the physical pain.

Through the creative process for this work I experimented with a variety of surfaces for the prints such as various shades, textures and translucency of paper. Building up layers of latex over the prints has reinforced the idea of a skin, sheathing or casing becoming an outside layer of protection or a surface which is vulnerable and fragile yet keeps us sheltered, also leaving us unaware if our inner systems and internal organs are healthy and working correctly.

In conjunction with my prints are a series of sculptures and mixed media drawings. The ideas behind the sculptures are similar to the prints, yet I feel the dimensionality brings a human relationship between the object and viewer, as well as bringing forms from the inside out. The mixed media drawings are a more immediate and controlled medium for my expression.


  • intaglio printing
  • lithography
  • silkscreen
  • clay
  • many fine art processes
  • photoshop


  • Printmaking processes
  • fine art materials
  • digital manipulation and correction
  • teaching artist